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December 15, 2012
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SandyHook Memorial Piece by WhiskyOmega SandyHook Memorial Piece by WhiskyOmega
This is the line-art to a memorial piece I will eventually finish in sympathy of those who were lost and those who are left behind to grieve after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown Connecticut 14/12/2012.

Our prayers are with the families of the lost and those still living, but who’s lives will never be the same.
God Bless.

Made in Sketchbook Express using tablet.
In the original description I had written my own adaption of a wonderful poem written by Ron Tranmer called "Heaven's Rocking Chair" (found here… that I felt suited the piece, yet was later contacted by the author and reminded it's illegal to change work that has a copyright. In the comments below he's been overly kind to do this and also share a poem he wrote specifically for the families grieving during the tragic event at SandyHook. Please read it and visit his website for more lovely and inspiring work.

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skosh6 Feb 21, 2014  New member

I am pleasantly surprised at your honest response. It's a great sign of integrity for you to publicly apologize.  I accept, and thank you for it.
By the way, I think you are a very talented artist, and have a great website.

Best Regards,

Ron Tranmer
skosh6 Feb 20, 2014  New member

I'm pleased that you like my poem, "Heaven's Rocking Chair". My heart also aches for the parents of those sweet children whose lives were taken at Sandy Hook Elementry.  However, I do not like my poetry changed. It is copyrighted as written, and often when changed, poetry can be shared, and passed around with the changes.  Would you like it if I took one of your drawings and changed it to suit my perception of it?  I think not.  Heaven's Rocking Chair could have had as much meaning as it is without your changes. It was written to touch a mother's heart. It would have been as much, or more personal to each mother who lost a child at the elementary school  if left as written. I welcome personal, non-profit use of all the poetry on my website at to anyone, but it is against copyright law for one's works to be changed. You, as an artist, should understand and appreciate this.  With that said, let me leave this poem for Sandy Hook Elementry parents who lost a child, and any other parent who has suffered such a heart wrenching loss:  

    A Childs Headstone

    Ron Tranmer©


    Time has passed, our little angel,

    since you were called away.

    But you are not forgotten,

    we still think of you each day.


    A tiny little headstone marks

    the place where you now lie.

    A peaceful spot that’s just a dot

    beneath the big blue sky.


    The birds are sweetly singing.

    Like us, they feel you near.

    Though you’ve left your earthly home,

    your spirit lingers here.


    Little angels, and their families

    are never far apart.

    We will always feel you with us

    in our home, and in our hearts.


   We know, in time, will be with you,

   up there in heaven’s skies,

    and tears will cease to fall

    where your little headstone lies.

WhiskyOmega Feb 20, 2014  Professional General Artist
I thank you for contacting me. 
An artists work should never be changed, it's beautiful the serves its purpose the way it is, and I am ashamed of myself for it. As you said, as an artist I should know better, and I do. I never intended to reap any benefit from using your work besides drawing attention to the lives effected by the tragedy, but bending it to my purpose was still wrong regardless and that's a responsibility I will bare the brunt of.

Most people here would just "block" your comment so no one could read it for fear of what others might think of them, but I won't hide my wrongs.
Or your poem.

Your kind council is something I find I don't deserve but still utmost appreciate and will consider this instance an opportunity of personal growth and learning for myself, of a lesson I already knew but obviously needed revisiting. 

Thank you for speaking up and guiding me in the shadow of my error.

you are a true kindred spirit, the artwork is beautiful and my wife would like to share this image with friends on facebook if you will allow it. god bless you.
WhiskyOmega Dec 15, 2012  Professional General Artist
Thank u very much for your kind words and I am glad to see more sympathetic hearts out there like yours and your wife's reaching out to those who were lost and the families who were left behind.

Yes, she may share this with whomever she wishes to spread the heartfelt remorse we all feel, by all means. This image is free to share and use for everyone wishing to express their sympathies, just please credit it back to me, that’s all I ask.

Our thoughts and feelings are with all those who are effected by this terrible event this Holiday Season.
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